How to build a ski resort of steel

De Kok Staalbouw lays the foundation for the largest indoor ski village in Europe. On the instructions of Snowworld, De Kok Staalbouw built a complete steel structure for a new ski and snowboard hall in Landgraaf, measuring 550 metres in length. The roof offers space for two ski runs of over 500 metres and a nursery slope for children of 100 metres. In total, the complex consists of approximately 12.500 m² of snow-covered terrain. In addition, the complex accommodates various facilities and amenities, such as a bar, a restaurant and even a conference centre. The entire process of engineering, production and installation of the steel structure was completed within 3 months.

Project data:
Client: Snowworld
Assignment: Steel construction for ski and snowboard hall in Landgraaf
Dimensions: Approximately 550 metres long, approximately 65 metres wide, 10 metres tall
Total weight of the steel structure: 1350 tons