New location for network operator Alliander Westpoort.

The new regional office of Alliander in Amsterdam will soon accommodate offices, training facilities, workshops, warehouses and test rooms. Commissioned by Dura Vermeer, De Kok Staalbouw is providing the entire main steel structure of approx. 500 tonnes, including crane runways, THQ girders and 5000 m² of roofing. The design is future-proof, flexible, scalable and modular, […]

Steel Beam Assembler Compact ➕

Our fully automatic production line with assembling and welding robots has been operational for some time now. This end-to-end automated production line will increase our annual production capacity by approximately 7,500 tonnes a year. The factory of the future, in combination with our steel craftsmen! Check our LinkedIn page for the video. #TheDutchKnowHow#DeKokStaalbouw#SteelBeamAssemblerCompact+ #Animpressivepieceofwork  

International Cranes 🏗

The 12 fixed gantry cranes, each with a span of 66 meters, for VOSSLOH in Hamburg were recently completed.   The beautiful pictures speak for themselves! #DeKokStaalbouw #Vossloh #WorkWeAreProudOf #TheDutchKnowHow #Cranes

Discover the newest future-proof urban campus! ✨

The Conradhuis, a bright city campus that offers space to the various faculties and courses within the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). The main steel structure ( 500 tonnes ) including; floors, atrium roof, lift shafts, staircase and canopy structures have been completed by De Kok Staalbouw. An impressive work that contains both low […]

World’s largest protein facility 🌱

Biotechnologist ENOUGH is building the first “non-animal protein farm” worldwide in Sas van Gent, with a footprint of 15,000 m2. De Kok Staalbouw is responsible for the realization of the entire steel construction, pipe bridges, intermediate floors, roof and facade cladding. The sustainable protein farm should be operational by the end of 2022, after which […]

Crane construction – Vossloh Hamburg

De Kok Staalbouw recently started with the assembly of 12 cranes, each having a span of 66 meters, in Hamburg for  VOSSLOH. Especially for the firm Vossloh, a global leader in the infra rail industry, De Kok Staalbouw invented a unique and efficient logistic solution for the fabrication of single piece rails to a […]


We have started the new year with finalization of the pipe racks and towers constructed at the lay-down area of the BASF project in Antwerp. The racks and towers, of which the 2 largest racks, measure 89 meters times 6 meters (width) times 9 meters (height), are having a weight of approx. 450 tonnes. They […]

Our assembly and welding robots have arrived!

As one of the first steel construction companies in the BENELUX, De Kok Staalbouw is expanding its production capacity with a fully automated production line which includes assembly and welding robots. The robots will increase our production capacity by approximately 7,500 tonnes. The construction of this new addition started last week. #DeKokStaalbouw #WorkWe’reProudOf #SteelBeamAssemblerCompact+ #Zebau

UPDATE | The Mayor te Amstelveen.

After completion of the first phase of project “The Mayor” in Amstelveen, De Kok Staalbouw started work on Phase 2. The steel construction and roof sheeting for Penthouse block J are ready, and roofing is currently installed. The steel construction for Penthouse blocks G and H are almost completed, Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen […]

Our clients act as our best references.

Our cranes are our specialisms that have built up an outstanding reputation over the years, which we are proud of! Depending on clients’ wishes, we also design, construct and install lifting and transport systems. Special requirements for shapes and sizes or extreme lifting capacity with a large span are no problem, thanks to the powerful […]