Our company is specialized in the following product groups: steel constructions, utility constructions, industrial constructions, petrochemical and energy structures, on- and offshore facilities, shipbuilding halls, nautical construction and, steel bridges, hoisting- and portal cranes, roofing- and wall cladding.

Per product groupĀ  and category we will show you a number of interesting projects to demonstrate that for De Kok Staalbouw, no architectural building project, no bridge, no offshore or petrochemical installation or power station is too complex.

The diversity of our product groups and the know-how of our people with respect to all of these product groups ensures that we have no need to call in any external expertise. This makes us the ideal strategic partner for our clients.

For our clients, this implies the guarantee that their wishes and requirements are converted into a good design and a proper building process at a fair budget, paying proper attention to advice, planning, safety, quality and good collaboration.