Catwalk bridge Air Traffic Control the Netherlands

Project description

In collaboration with construction company Sprangers-Kuijpers & Octatube, de Kok Staalbouw took on construction of a connecting bridge for the expansion of the Air Traffic Control Netherlands building complex at Schiphol East.

The connecting bridge, with its futuristic appearance, connects a new training centre to the existing building. The bridge has been designed by a construction team.

The steel structure was delivered in two 25-metre sections of and transported by pontoon to Amsterdam, where the two parts were joined on-site to form a whole. The entire bridge was rotated in one day and placed at the intended height. Essential part of the bridge is the steel column. Its ‘tree construction’ including four branches consists entirely of composite steel plates.


Octatube Space Structures B.V.


Schiphol-Oost, The Netherlands


September 2019