Connecting bridge Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and Princess Máxima Centre

Project description

Commissioned by Visser and Smit Bouw, De Kok Staalbouw completed a covered bridge linking the Princess Máxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology (PMC) and the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ).

The connecting bridge is a symbolic link between the knowledge and skills of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and the Princess Máxima Centre, reinforcing the link between the organizations.

The bridge runs at a height of seven metres above street level and has a characteristic, colourful appearance. It has a length of 160 metres and a height of almost five metres. Disruptive elements, such as installations, have been eliminated in the steel constructions. In addition, the smallest possible number of slender pillars supports the connecting bridge.

The bridge was put together from prefabricated parts of up to 50 metres, complete with roof and wall cladding. Thanks to our many years of experience with prefabricated bridge sections, inconvenience for both hospitals could be kept to a minimum due to the short assembly time.


Visser en Smit Bouw B.V.


Utrecht, The Netherlands