De Bolder

Project description

‘De Bolder’, the boulder-shaped Mammoet van Seumeren head office, was built under controlled conditions in record time. This took place at the Grootint premises, Zwijndrecht. De Kok Staalbouw laid a total of 3,750 m² of ComFlor 100.

Despite a maximum span of 5,7 metres, a slim floor (170 mm) was realised, weighing only 280 kg/m². Next, the vast construction was shipped from Zwijndrecht to Schiedam in its entirety, requiring skill and nerves of steel. In total, the move took three days.

This construction method shows that a ‘Plug & Play’ approach is also possible for complete office buildings, and that construction can take place extremely quickly, even on construction sites that are difficult to reach, near water.

Facts and figures


Mammoet van Seumeren


Zwijndrecht / Schiedam, The Netherlands