Dock 2 Damen Shipyards

Project description

Commissioned by Damen Shipyards in Vlissingen-Oost, de Kok Staalbouw provided Dock 2 with a mega-canopy. The gigantic steel covering is 270 metres long, 80 metres wide, and approximately 65 metres high. To give an idea of the dimensions: the canopy is as high as an 18-storey tower block and its surface area comparable to three football pitches in a row. The entire steel structure weighs approximately 3,600 tonnes.

De Kok Staalbouw also supplied crane girders and two overhead cranes, each with a 75-tonne lifting capacity. Damen Shipyards can now work on the largest maritime vessels under ideal conditions.

Facts and figures


Damen Shipyards Vlissingen Oost


Vlissingen-Oost, The Netherlands & Galati, Romania