Oceanco Dock Door

Project description

For Oceanco Yachtbuilding, the Kok Staalbouw supplied steel structures for the roofing of the dock, heavy mezzanine floors, swing-out crane tracks and the dock door.

The dock door, which has a length of 32 metres, a height of 12.5 metres, a width of 3 metres and a total weight of 290 tonnes, was produced in our own production halls. The dock door was then loaded onto a pontoon in Flushing (Vlissingen), from where it sailed to Alblasserdam. Here, the dock door was lifted from the pontoon with floating sheerlegs and placed in the rebate of the dock.

Swivelling crane tracks are an extension of the fixed crane tracks in the hall. When the door is closed, these movable crane tracks are stored alongside the fixed crane tracks in the hall. When transporting heavy parts over the water the crane tracks move outwards, so that overhead cranes can go outside. In this way heavy parts can be moved from the water into the hall. Apart from the steel construction parts, we also took care of the entire mechanical, hydraulic and electrical operation of these swivelling crane tracks.


Oceanco Yachtbuilding


Alblasserdam, The Netherlands