Royal Van Lent dry dock door

Project description

Commissioned by Royal Van Lent, De Kok Staalbouw produced a steel structure that runs right across the entire dock. In addition to the dock, De Kok Staalbouw was also responsible for the dock door. This giant structure, built from solid steel and weighing 140 tonnes, fully closes off the dock.

De Kok Staalbouw also took care of completely engineering the impressive door. For this, our engineers have been closely involved in development of the steel design, from the preliminary stages.

The dock door was transported from Bergen op Zoom to Amsterdam by tugboat. After this, two 500t cranes and one 700t crane vertically positioned the door on the quay, where its counterweight was added. After several floating tests, the dock was transported to the construction site and lifted into the new construction dock with the required precision.


Royal Van Lent


Kaag, The Netherlands


January 2019