Various Tata Steel Projects

Project description

Tata Steel, for whom we have produced, delivered and assembled several projects, is an outstanding client. De Kok Staalbouw has been commissioned to carry out the following projects for Tata:

Project WP200

At the beginning of March 2016, De Kok Staalbouw received an order for the expansion of Oxysteel Factory 2. The expansion included a steel structure of approximately 1,225 tonnes including 4,700 m2 of cladding. De Kok Staalbouw also provided the roof cladding, including approximately 6,000 m2 of roofing, all stairs and handrails.

Project WP100-CIV3

The WP100-CIV3 project was commissioned by De Kok Staalbouw in September 2016.
This project includes several modifications to the existing Oxysteel plant 2.
Highlight of this project was a 30-hour factory shutdown during which De Kok Staalbouw had the opportunity to assemble some 245 tonnes of steel.


Tata Steel


Tata Steel, The Netherlands