Montage - De Kok Staal


After steel constructions have been preserved in-house, they are assembled at the building site by our own specialized teams.

Assembly is always overseen by experienced supervisors, who are present at the building site. De Kok Staalbouw has years of experience in installation and assembly and works with highly skilled fitters. Our assembly teams handle the assembly of the most complex steel structures and the construction elements linked to them. Think of steel stairs, channel slab or steel plate floors and roof and facade cladding.

We are proud that, through efficient project management, De Kok Staalbouw always manages to adhere to the assembly schedule. De Kok Staalbouw distinguishes itself in the market through a perfect combination of these USPs and our capacity to handle every aspect of a project.

Montage - De Kok Staal
Montage - De Kok Staal

The dutch know how

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