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De Kok Staalbouw is a steel construction company that was founded in January 1927 in Heerle, a small town belonging to the Noord-Brabant municipality of Roosendaal.

Since then, the company has undergone tremendous development at this location and has grown into a leading national and international steel construction company operating all over the world.

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Our clients and our projects are our best references. Over the years, we have achieved great performances and have built an outstanding reputation. And we’re proud of that.

To offer an impression of what we have developed, we have briefly described a number of projects for you. How to build a steel sports boulevard, shopping mall, station, bridge, ski resort, dock or an office?

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Over the years, De Kok Staalbouw has increasingly specialised in a number of unique product groups. Due to our diversity of products and the know-how of our people, we are independent of outside expertise. This makes us the ideal strategic partner for our clients.

For our clients, this means the guarantee that their wishes and requirements will be translated into a good design with correct budgeting and a correct construction process, with an eye for advice, planning, safety, quality and good cooperation.