De Kok and circularity ️



”Current environmental changes provide one of the most convincing arguments for investing wisely in smart engineering and production processes combined with the right materials and craftmanship. And that, driven by our mission to maximize reuse and recycling -of products and materials, is the very principle of circular building within steel!”

Since the beginning of the 20th century, De Kok Staalbouw has been reusing the steel constructions it manufactured. This started with our circular crane constructions. Our business operations are focused on the dismantling, repair and/or remanufacturing of lifting and transport systems, this in strong combination with our industrial buildings activities.

The steel constructions, which are entirely in-house designed, can be completely reused after dismantling and functional adjustments. This enables De Kok Staalbouw to extend the product life cycle of every construction they manufacture out of steel.

More information? Click: https://lnkd.in/ebZB8HD8


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