De Kok Staalbouw collaborates and WarmtelinQ


We are very proud that we often get to work on exciting projects. Such as this cool project: the construction of the innovative heat stations of WarmtelinQ.

Together with Equans Nederland and Dura Vermeer Haven & Industrie B.V., is De Kok Staalbouw selected as one of two combinations from a tender with five parties, by Gasunie. This means that over the next 5 to 8 years we will each get to realize a part of the 22 heat stations.

WarmtelinQ concerns Gasunie's underground pipeline network. Through this network, residual heat from the Rotterdam port area will soon be transported to homes and businesses in the southern Netherlands.

We are proud to see that De Kok, together with their partners, may contribute to the reuse of residual heat from the Rotterdam industry!

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