Europe's largest green hydrogen plant


DeKokStaalbouw okt2023 Holland Hydrogen DEF EN

Commissioned by Visser & Smit Bouw, De Kok is participating in the construction of Europe's largest green hydrogen plant; Holland Hydrogen 1.

De Kok Staalbouw recently completed the main steel structure of the Electrolyser building, approx. 1,200 tonnes.

The coming period will be marked by the assembly of the (internal) secondary steel, consisting of various landings, crane tracks and pipe supports.

Work will also begin on the approximately 4,000 m² of roof and wall cladding.

Furthermore, the assembly of the first piperacks, cooling water building and various substations will soon be started, concerning approx. 1,700 tonnes of steel.

To summarize, plenty of exciting developments. Stay tuned!

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