HVC-sludge drying installation Alkmaar



De Kok Staalbouw is participating in the construction of a new sustainable sludge drying plant located in Alkmaar.

The total project contains approximately 600 tonnes of steel, and production started early this year.

The project consists of three building parts, each with its own function: an unloading hall for unloading the sludge by trucks, a concrete bunker for receiving and storing the sludge and a process hall for drying and processing the sludge. 

With this new installation, HVC will dry dewatered sludge using residual heat from the nearby waste-to-energy plant.

Because it will eliminate the use of natural gas during this process, there will be a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

On behalf of Visser & Smit Bouw, De Kok Staalbouw is also supplying and assembling the 3,900 m² of facade and 3,700 m² of roof cladding.

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